Gary Studley – Cannibal Bounce

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16.00 – 17.30, Saturday 14th September 2019.
£10 + £0.50 booking fee.

A truly organic & collaborative writing experience. Starting with the written word of other writers &/or found objects, we will respond individually to each. When willing participants then voluntarily share their work, the group will note down a few words, phrases or ideas that we love/appreciate & these bones will become the start of our new writing skeleton. Everyone’s interests & reactions will be unique, but as the session progresses, strange fusions take place. We will thus create pieces which may well go on to being fully fleshed out at a later date, but which would not exist without the ingredients of other group members. Our words will have given someone else new life. Suitable for novice or experienced poets or prose writers.

Gary Studley is an experienced writer, tutor & performer of both poetry & prose & has worked with The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury Festival, English Heritage & many mental health charities through his service, Writing For Life.