Tim Parsons

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Tim Parsons is a serving Chaplain with the South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. Tim describes his journey in writing his acclaimed Paramedic Chris books in his own words.

Tim signing copies of Paramedic Chris

“A number of years ago I suffered a major breakdown which resulted in myself withdrawing from people. Growing up I was told I would never succeed and I believe this caught up with me when I was in my early 20s.

Throughout this period I kept my faith (Christian) and this helped me get through the very traumatic period in my life which also included PTSD. At the same time I had physical issues and was later diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which is very well managed now by infusions at our local hospital once every eight weeks.

I became Chaplain to the Ambulance Service (South East Coast Ambulance Service) just over three years ago and my first shift was with a Paramedic called Chris. Chris was such an inspiration as he had suffered a lot in the past and has a daughter who has battled with health since a very young age, she has written a book as well called “Paris Girl” which is based upon her health experiences. This inspired me to write the books Paramedic Chris and are based upon real life emergency calls which I have attended with the various crews, episode one is based upon a hoax call and episode 2 is based upon a call to an elderly patient suffering from loneliness and the crew are able to help rebuild his life.”

Paramedic Chris stories are currently in the process of being filmed for a Children’s Sign Language channel, part of KMTV. Further details will be added soon when this becomes available.

Tim will be talking in our KidsLit strand of the Festival, accompanied, if he’s not out saving lives, by the real Paramedic Chris and his Ambulance! Tim is hoping to use proceeds from books sales to one day open a 24/7 retreat centre to provide support for people suffering both mentally and physically.