Martin Gurdon

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Martin Gurdon is an author and journalist. He mostly writes about cars for the Sunday Telegraph, Evening Standard and Octane magazine.

He keeps chickens and ducks, so wrote ‘Hen & The Art of Chicken Maintenance’ about their lives, loves and peccadillos. His first foray into authorship, ‘Hen’ is now back, completely revised, with three new chapters.

Its success led to an unexpected foray into chicken journalism, notably spending a decade writing the ‘Chicken Crazy’ column in Your Chickens magazine, and making a hen-themed video blog for the Sunday Telegraph. He’s been a guest on Radio 4’s Midweek, Steve Wright in the Afternoon and BBC Breakfast and is a contributor to Radio 4’s From Our Home Correspondent. He also speaks to WIs.

Martin is currently trying to persuade Richard the cockerel that he isn’t the testosterone-addled bird’s love rival.