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“When Mark Stay got a call out of the blue from his old friend Mark Desvaux he had no idea that this would propel them both on an insane project to co-write a novel in 12 months in an attempt to get it to the
top of the Kindle charts. They also launched a podcast – The Bestseller Experiment – and got advice from authors such as Julie Cohen, Liz Fenwick, Erica James, Michael Connelly, Joanne Harris and Bryan Cranston. Did it work? Are they still talking to each other? And can you apply the lessons they learned to your own writing? Come and hear Mark Stay take you through the ups and downs of writing with the sole intent of getting one of those coveted orange Kindle bestseller flashes.”


Mark Stay co-wrote Robot Overlords with director Jon Wright for Piers Tempest’s Tempo Productions. This was selected for the 58th BFI London Film Festival. Mark also wrote the film’s novelisation to critical

Mark is also co-presenter of The Bestseller Experiment, which was shortlisted for the Futurebook Podcast of the Year award. The podcast began when he and Mark Desvaux challenged themselves to write, edit, publish and market a bestselling eBook in just a year…
and then actually did it!

Now as it enters its third year, the podcast works to inspire their listeners to finish their novels and get them published, and their alumni includes Pernille Hughes, Lorna Cook, Sally Harris and fantasy author Mike Shackle.

Mark has worked in bookselling and publishing for over 25 years and is a regular on the conventions circuit. The End of Magic is his debut fantasy novel.