Jude Adams

Jude Adams

Jude Adams, inspiring singer/songwriter, writer, champion of older women.

Jude’s life story has been unusual, particularly her most recent decade, when, while coping with a debilitating illness, she unexpectedly wrote, recorded and released her debut album, aged 57.  The album, This Girl, This Woman, received critical acclaim and features on the sound track to the documentary, Older Women Rock!.

Jude launched This Girl, This Woman by creating a multimedia showcase, The Most Extraordinary Adventure, which included performances and an “In Conversation” with journalist and broadcaster, Rosie Millard OBE. It was highly successful and toured Kent in 2017 culminating with a performance at Canterbury Festival Umbrella.

Emboldened by her success, Jude continues her adventure, and is launching a new album and book, The Window to My Soul, both self-produced and self-published, in June 2019 at an event in Faversham with Rosie Millard.

The Window to My Soul was inspired by the rediscovery of a gift from Jude’s godfather when she was a child: a 1960’s box set of Alice in Wonderland (LPs with illustrated book): the perfect format for Jude to continue the exploration of her own creativity and expand her forms of expression.

The resulting book floats across a lifetime, stopping to focus on the diverse influences that shaped the writer.  It is poignant, humorous and searingly honest in parts and is underpinned by a range of themes from home and travel to rediscovery, the creative force and how to live life such that it is a Most Extraordinary Adventure.

What makes Jude’s adventure even more astonishing is that until the age of 50 she had few music skills, had never sung in public nor composed a song and only embarked on writing her first book in 2018. Jude’s new album and book are testimony to her remarkable creativity, her passion for life, her courage and her determination.






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